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Why SocietyConnect™

Why SocietyConnect™

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SocietyConnect™ is a comprehensive Cloud-based application, which offers intuitive and easy to use interface for the members of a society. It manages seamlessly all tasks related to facility management, accounting, billing and connecting with your neighbours. The software is completely updated as every module has been designed taking into account the real problems faced in the running and management of societies.

It’s built incrementally in conjunction with various RWA Management teams and Facility Managers to ensure all functionality is covered. It provides an environment to perform activities efficiently and save time and effort. One of the key objectives of SocietyConnect is to complete automate every possible activity within a condominium

SocietyConnect™ has a comprehensive mobile APP for the residents as well as for Gate Guardian ( Gate Management)

In such a short span of time SocietyConnect has risen as the market leader in North India with more than 275 apartments within NCR location.